cms upadete 11We implement CMS driven enterprise websites using SDL Tridion with the help of our certified architects and developers; we also work with WordPress, Drupal and more.

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webdesign 1We offer a variety of web services which range from website design and development to website hosting.


We offer the following website packages

  1. Dedicated Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting

We can also help you register your License Domain Name

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We offer a wide variety of services to suit your every internet requirement (web design -both static & dynamic, ecommerce).

  • Standard Site- increase awareness, provide information and allow customers to contact you with our standard web design service.
  • E-Commerce- sell products or services via the Internet. E- commerce is online shopping 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, processing orders from around the globe with our Ecommerce web design service.
  • Special Features- a standard website or e-commerce site with extra features such as searchable directories, chat rooms, auctions, member areas, booking facilities and games, etc (almost anything you wish your web site to do our web design team can accomplish)

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software testing updSoftware Testing is as an activity or process that is used to reduce software risk and improve software quality by finding and reporting defects for rectification.

The significant of software testing to software quality cannot be overemphasized because it provides an assurance that software under test (SUT) will operate effectively, efficiently or correctly.

It is a fact that it is impossible to remove every error in a large software package, so the main goal of Software Test Analyst or Software Engineer is to remove as many errors as possible early in the software development cycle.

It is important to remember that testing can only find errors and ensure that the errors are removed where it is possible; it cannot prove that a software is bug free.

Reasons for Software Failure:

  • Inadequate Testing
  • Choosing a wrong type of testing
  • Choosing a wrong Testing technique / Methodology
  • Misconception about testing by the development team

Consequence of Software Failure:

  • Loss of Business Reputation
  • Loss of money and time
  • It could lead to injury or death

Our Approach

We have a unique and specific approach for every testing project. Our main goal is to ensure that we reduce your software risk to minimum in respective of the complexity of your system. We will achieve this by ensuring that both functional and non-functional requirements are carefully examined before your systems are released or enter services.